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How to apply for inspection?
First of all IEI has to be nominated in Purchasing Document(L/C & P/I)as Third Party Inspection Company.
Then you should submit Application for Inspection along with Purchasing Document(L/C & P/I) to us.

Application for Inspection form will be sent to  you along with I.E.I File no.& inspection procedure

How inspection will be performed?
After completion and submitting of Application for Inspection  and Purchasing Document you will be informed about IEI File No ,inspection procedure,Application for Inspection form and Inspection Fee simultaneously.
Inspection will be advised to authorized  inspectors if the place of inspection is in china or hongkong.
We will send you Notification of Inspection informing the Name and contact of Inspector along with place and date of inspection.

Can you issue V.O.C. Or Standard Certificate?
This certificate is required by Iranian Customs authority to release the cargo and IEI is authorized inspection company by Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) to conduct such inspection and issuing related Certificates.

How to apply for V.O.C.?
Procedure for V.O.C. is the same as Inspection Certificate.

What is the difference between inspection of V.O.C. and Inspection Certificate?

In case of V.O.C. issue, Specified Reference Standard(English Version) for quality of material is essential and has to be agreed by both parties and mentioned in Purchasing Document.(L/C & P/I)Also witness test(s) by inspector for compliance of material/cargo with those standards should be performed accordingly.
Original Mill Sheets, Lab. Reports, Verification of Conformity declared by MFG/Supplier (All in English)has to be signed & verified by supplier/ manufacturer and inspector and those will be attached to V.O.C. Certificate.

What is Inspection Notice?
When the inspection results are failed or not acceptable and or conditionally accepted, then supplier will be notified directly by IEI china and buyer through IEI Head Office about the results, reason and required action for clearing the results.

What is inspection release note (R/N)?
In case of acceptable result for inspection, (R/N) will be issued for releasing the cargo for next step, i.e. assembly, painting, packing, handling, shipment whichever is applicable.
This (R/N) is not a negotiable document with the bank.

What kind of documents are required for issuing original Inspection Certificate/V.O.C. /Negotiable Release Note?
Submitting shipping documents, i.e. final Packing List, Commercial Invoice, any special certificate mentioned in Purchasing Document(L/C & P/I) (i.e. Health Certificate,etc) along with copy of first original (negotiable) B/L, AWB, … (whichever applicable) are required.


How much is the inspection fee?
Inspection fee will be decided based on FOB value, number of visit(s), number of shipment(s), type of material, whether used or brand new, and what type of the inspection is required.
For any enquiry you should submit Application for Inspectionalong with Purchasing Document(L/C & P/I)then IEI china will reply the fee.

Who and when has to pay inspection fee?
Payees for Inspection Charge will be decided by terms of Purchasing Document with priority of L/C terms unless otherwise the latest agreement between parties.
If it is to be paid by supplier or third party, we will send a proposal fee for inspection and upon inspection fee agreed then inspection job would be advised to inspector.
Along with IEI File No ,inspection procedure, Application for Inspection form ,request for payment (in case of payment by supplier/seller)will be issued and has to be settled before issuing Original Certificate/V.O.C. /Release Note and/or Inspection Notice.
If it is paid by Buyer then it will be followed by IEI Head Office in Iran but need to be received before issuing Original Certificate/V.O.C. /Release Note and/or Inspection Notice.

General Information

Which areas are covered by I.E.I. china?
If the Supplier or Inspection place are located in China and Hong Kong, IEI china will coordinate directly.
Depending on Supplier request for other countries, IEI china may coordinated via IEI Branch offices around the world.

Can we contact directly with your inspector(s)?
You may contact with them for preliminary arrangements only in case of urgent inspection if you already know them but until they are not officially assigned with the IEI File No., they are not authorized to perform any inspection.

What is working calendar for IEI china?
IEI China is working Monday to Friday based on Chinese National Holidays.

How to access your office in china?
IEI china is located in beijing City with easy access :
A1-2901 Phoenix twon,A5 ShuGuangXiLi,ChaoYang District,beijing 100028 china.

For more information Please look at Beijing Office.

Can you certify by Chamber of Commerce?
According to regulation of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Legalization by Chamber of Commerce is not required for any certificate issued by IEI World Wide Branches.
Legalization of document by Beijing Chamber of Commerce is not available's better you advise your buyer to amend l/c for this term.